Genesis Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development corporation working to revitalize moderate to low income communities through real estate development/management, public space maintenance, and community engagement and promotion.


Real Estate Development/Management – purchase, develop and manage real estate to:

  • provide entrepreneurs with affordable rental property that provide business opportunities and/or commerce to the community;
  • provide space for community activities at an affordable rate
  • provide affordable rental space for events/activities that indirectly promotes the livability of the community
  • active participant in historical preservation

Public Space Maintenance – develop, and maintain public space to:

  • promote the livability of the community
  • ensure “curb appeal” of public space
  • maximize public space utilization

Community Engagement and Promotion

  • collaborate with local government to recruit and retain small businesses
  • market affordable rental space for events/activities, indirectly promoting the livability of the community
  • support community activities/organizations
  • community inclusion in projects, when possible