Revitalization Projects

TriUnity – Jan 2017

Genesis takes great pride in the undertaking of their first restoration, TriUnity, a church built in 1915, which was repurposed as a multi-purpose facility – worship, weddings and events.

View of TriUnity Church pews and alter

Community Engagement @ Summer’s Field – Proposed

Genesis Corp submitted an exploratory proposal to the Borough of Pitcairn Council to repurpose Summer’s Field, the area located at the corner of Center Ave and Highland Ave. The proposal is multi-purposed and multi-generational. Proposed plan includes a children’s play/exercise area, skate park, starting and end point of a neighborhood walking/exercise course, parking, and a dog park. The goal is to create an area to engage the community and entice potential new residents. Adding a dog park to the space will attract new renters/ buyers to the community by offering a pet friendly area that could give Pitcairn a competitive edge over other small boroughs. As a quick overview, recent statistics show that nearly 40% of all American homes including 70% of apartment renters own at least one dog. In fact, there are almost as many dogs as there are children in the United States.

Get Involved

Genesis is always looking for energetic, Pitcairn Proud volunteers aligned with our slogan, Helping Hands, Helping the Community. If you would like to become a volunteer or have an idea you would like to share, please contact us!